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No news like no news..!


Well… aside from adding to my Behance portfolio (plug: I’ve not really been up to much.

Aside from watching days go by, deadlines loom and have lines to learn, auditions to prepare for, scripts to write, edits to offline and of course – games to be played! Not to mention Direct Debits to set up…

It’s been nothing short of manic, and it’s certainly taken its’ toll on my body… that’s for sure.

It’s something that I’ll be diving into in more detail over the coming weeks, but for now I’m in the midst of a cup of tea while planning life in general, including the aforementioned shows – one more of which has appeared in my calendar, but this I’m not so sure about doing.. time will tell! More on that in about a week’s time… but for now.. back to the tea.

See you soon!

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