FARM BOY and Blackadder Returns!

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FARM BOY and Blackadder Returns!


Well, I’ve been away a while!

It’s been a tricky year or so, but I’m now back up and running now I’m settled into my (now not-so) new home and such like.

You may notice that I’ve actually wiped my previous blog posts I’ll resume my blogging very shortly and explain why I did that, but for now (given that I have a very early start tomorrow morning..) I shall keep it short and sweet.

Next month I shall be appearing in Michael Morpurgo’s Farm Boy with CCADS Theatre for four performances (Two Saturday 22nd, two Sunday 23rd) at the Hayling Island Station Theatre and The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth respectively.

Then, in June, I’ll be returning to the role of Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder Returns with Interalia Theatre which I absolutely can’t wait for – more on that (and more) later on this week.


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